Sunday, February 23, 2020

Theology paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Theology paper - Essay Example The four noble truths are; The Nature of Suffering, Sufferings Origin, Sufferings Cessation, and The Path Leading to the Cessation of Suffering. The path leading to cessation is an eight fold path set out by Buddha. These are related to faith, morality and meditation. The Heart Sutra emphasizes wisdom and emptiness. This sutra teaches us that the thing which looks like something much is nothing much. Form outside; it appears to be a lot, but there is really nothing behind. A swelled head as we know is an empty head (Conze, p.85). Heart Sutra reveals that most of the big things in this world are just like inflated balloons. From outside, the balloon may look like big, but we know that only air is inside the balloon. In other words, this sutra tries to educate us that whatever we perceive as big in this world are noting really meaningful. For example, many people may think that earning wealth and fame is a good achievement in this world. But according to Heart Sutra teachings, such things are just like inflated balloons. When we die, we cannot take anything with us and hence the physical achievements in this world are meaningless. According to Christian belief, salvation can be obtained only through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the son of God who has sacrificed his life for saving the life of sinners. All the people in the world are sinners according to Christian belief. As per the rules of God, death is the punishment for sinners. But the sin has arrived in this world because of Adam’s sin. In other words, we, the children of Adam, are sinners traditionally because of the sins committed by Adam. God has given the verdict that in order to wipe off the punishment of sin from the world, person without free from sins should sacrifice his life. But in this world no saints are there. So God has sent his only son Jesus to the world in order to sacrifice his life to save our lives. Jesus’ sacrifice enabled him to attain full control or authority over the human

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